A Desk for Nikki

A couple of months ago, I decided that Nikki should have his own desk. Working at the dining table was getting frustrating – it seemed to accumulate books and artwork at an alarming rate and I felt that I was constantly clearing and cleaning it before and after meals.

Eventually, I found a desk that was the right size, colour and price and made it as a surprise for Nikki when he was visiting with his dad.

Nikki sitting at his new desk, drawing a picture, with correct posture of feet flat and supported and elbows level with top of the desk.

With our Spielgaben set under the desk as a foot rest and our spare car booster seat on the dining chair, Nikki can sit comfortably with good posture for writing – feet flat on the ‘floor’ and elbows at 90 degrees to the desk.

We keep all his drawing pens and papers, as well as any schoolwork we use regularly (like his maths, reading and handwriting books) in his desk and it is his job to keep it neat. So far, so good…

Nikki just loves the fact that he has HIS OWN DESK and because he no longer has to carry his pens and paper all the way across the room to the table, he is far more enthusiastic about drawing pictures and even doing ‘work’.


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