Bank Holiday Fun

We have had a very busy week! It seems like I have barely sat down since Nikki came home Thursday night. Actually, that is a lie – Nikki barely let me get up on Friday as he spent most of the day curled up in my lap making up for lost snuggles. So I have been super-busy since Saturday.

I did a great big shop in Morrison’s while Nikki was at Russian school on Saturday, since they kindly sent me some vouchers for a bank holiday shop.  I was pleasantly surprised by some of their new cheaper range (it is not entirely made up of things you would only buy occasionally) and in general I seemed to get a good haul for my money. And a good job, too – we have since had to make two picnics, two packed lunches and a big family dinner on top of the usual weekly meals.

Saturday evening, we made a chocolate-banana train cake which Nikki was in charge of decorating:

Nikki took charge in decorating our chocolate banana train cake.

He found some Postman Pat rice paper cake toppers in with my cake decorating bits and so they had to be ‘passengers’.

We took the train with us to our first picnic of the week on Sunday.  Somehow I managed to take only one photo while we were there – Nikki gobbling up a bag of sushki (russian biscuits). He was rather possessive of them as I have yet to find them for sale in the UK so we rely on care packages from Moscow.

Nikki claimed the whole bag of sushki for himself (sharing only reluctantly if asked!)

On Tuesday, we met up with some other local Home Educators. We had an interesting discussion on food and digestion and made some dairy and gluten free cheese, which Nikki and I won’t be recreating any time soon, before playing for hours in the nearby park. We had great fun and Nikki made some new friends, two of whom gave us presents (some more wanted than others!)

We were rather excited to adopt one of our friend’s tadpoles, whom Nikki named John.

We adopted a tadpole and Nikki called him John.

Unfortunately, the stress of the journey was too much for him and although he seemed to be happily settling in to his new home, he didn’t survive the night.

Not to worry, because we also brought home Flounder:

Nikki holding his new 3ft Flounder toy (nearly as big as he is!)       IMG_1096

Yes, we were ‘gifted’ with a 3ft toy fish (I just can’t understand why they didn’t want it any more!) which I was not really interested in taking home. I told Nikki that I was not going to carry it on the bus for him, so he stubbornly declared that he would carry it himself. Surprisingly, despite it being nearly as big as he is, there was barely a single complaint  – even though we had to walk over ten minutes to and from the bus! Nikki really wanted that toy fish!

Despite being out and about almost every day this week, we seem to have done loads of cooking, too! The favourite meal of the bank holiday has to be our homemade burger dinner. The burgers cost less than 50p each to make and despite having visible chunks of onion and leek, Nikki enjoyed his so much that he asked to have burgers again for breakfast!

We followed it up wit h a not-quite Eaton Mess… yum!

We have also memorized another set of sight words – our tree is getting full!

Nikki has now memorized the ten words on his sight word tree.


For this blog post I was given some Morrison’s vouchers and asked to share my bank holiday weekend, a special meal I cooked, and a few words on my overall shopping experience. My opinions are my own. 


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